One Month Later

Today has been one month since i quit my job .  IT HAS FLOWN.  Seriously.  I can hardly believe its been that long already.  I’ve been enjoying my time at home.. getting on top of things, things i just didnt have the time or energy for before.  But i have come to the dreaded point where im starting to get a bit bored. Like i am so completley lacking in anything to do im finding myself sitting and twiddling my thumbs. Thats ok i guess… but when you are so used to being in the thick of it, non stop go go go …  you kinda feel a little lost.  The other day for instance, I stripped all the beds and washed all the linen. Two days after i had done it last. Thats a bit pathetic i know,  but it gave me something to focus on.   But really.. who does that? 

Also we have a new policy at home which means no alcohol or drinking .  We have not had one drink or kept any alcohol at home since boxing day. This may be a reason for a lack of posts on my behalf, as im sure you would agree everything is more interesting with alcohol… and even though i do massive head miles everyday anyway, i do even more when I’ve had a few.. so i dont even have my wine rack to keep me amused.  😦 

Applying for jobs is a heinous excercise…when your not really interested in anything advertised or  because in my locality you either need to be qualified for mining work or an RN ( registered nurse)  .. I am neither.  And i have no interest in either profession. Train driving is also a big one.. but the shift work is hard, especially when you have a young family.  It also seems to be about who you know and not what you know.  I hate that.  By trade i am a chef. I dont want to do this either. Its stressful.. i have enough stress. And cooking at home is enough of an effort.

Admittedly i have been doing some quiet shifts at the local sports club …  just to fill the gaps and because, you know,  MONEY !?…  but its monotonous work. Its not challenging.. and i want a challenge.  So much so that i refuse to settle. And by settle i mean do what i always do.. which is agree to piddly little casual jobs, always on a multiple level always within hospitality.. instead of holding out for something i really want.  With the piddly little casual jobs.. i always work like a devil and get to a point of authority, supervising, or training because im capable, efficient and i have good people skills..  But i never go beyond that. there is never anywhere to go beyond that. So i end up being taken advantage of. 

I’m not going to do this to myself again.     Ever.



It’s 2 am and I’ve just crawled into bed. My daughter has two friends sleeping over in celebration of her 8th birthday earlier in the week. My baby turned 8. Wow.

Anyhoo the three hellraisers have finally konked out… After hours of what can only be likened to ‘mean girls’..  primary school style. Seriously…  They are totally heinous. !   And when not passively aggressively competing with each other, it was all shrill squealing, door slamming, brother annoying chaos. I finally coralled them in the living room and gently invited them to ‘ calm their farms’ in readiness for sleepy times. 3 Hours and two ditzy, pinked up Disney offerings later ( Disney movies are fucking terrible.. really)…I managed to slink to my room confident that they were ‘out’ enough not to warrant multiple stealth recon to make sure they weren’t raiding for icecream or coating each others faces in a fab shade of fusia lippy.

Now I’m laying here dog tired but unable to sleep… With nasal, valley girl tones running through my head.

* nasal valley girl twang* Like omg! Eww! Those shoes are so last season!  omg like seriously?? 


This was the sunset ( on the day I quit my job)


So this is what I was looking at as I jogged up the hill about 45 mins after I said ciao to my job. That’s a pretty big deal huh? I thought it would be… I thought I would feel all conflicted, worried or regretful even. But no. I felt none of that.

What I felt was pure unadulterated joy. Who feels that way after they quit their job? most people are stressed, upset, emotional, worried. I guess my boss probably feels like that but I don’t. As a matter of fact the first thought I had once I hung up the phone was ‘ I wont have to rush in the morning’ followed by ‘ I’ll be able to finish my veggie garden now’and then a fleeting thought about what I would cook for dinner tomorrow night. I’ll have the time to do it all now.

As far as the things that I didn’t find myself feeling, I also realised the things that I’ll no longer be doing. And the biggest most consuming thing in that list .. is rush. Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush…. Rush!. No more. I’m smiling again.. can you tell?

When you come to the conclusion that you either need to leave your job or go mad, and there is not one single thought pulling you back from that decision.. that’s when you know its time to go. I am so not concerned about what is going to be happening .. all I can think is that there are bigger better things just around the corner. That may or may not include a job. A job that may even have incentive. I can barely fathom that possibility at this point. At this point I barely care.

I ran tonight and it was the best run I’ve had in months and months. I ate dinner and it tasted better than it ever has. I laughed with my kids, and I sat on the lounge and watched TV without fretting over things that needed to be done or even getting up to go and do them. They will still be there in the morning, and I can take my time and do them then. or not. it doesn’t matter. my time is now my own, and I wont be rushing or busting a hump to get paid for it. Ill just enjoy it for what it is.

So I quit my job today..I seen a beautiful sunset, and I decided on butter chicken and rice for dinner tomorrow night.

No biggie.

Lori and The Body Shop. A love story.

Against my better judgement, or perhaps I should say under duress, I took it upon myself to host a Body Shop presentation last weekend. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t exactly forced or coerced … no. I would have, at some point humoured the lovely lady who is a private work client and who happens to be a BS ( use that as a pun if you will) consultant by having a pres. Thing is, I would have been more than happy to just tack an order onto someone else’s presentation and been done. But Nooooo. I can never EVER function in such a simple manner.

So, in classic Lori style..    I went all out.  ALL .FUCKING. OUT.   I’m talking, canapés, fresh fruit platter, a selection of beverages, flat and sparkling, crisp crudités served with  home made olive dip, camembert & spiced pear paste smooshed onto crisp organic crackers,  tall glasses of iced beverages accessorised with twists of lemon and lime.  All for a body shop party.   Yes I’m nuts, but I’m sure that fact has already been well established.

Thing is , I love The Body Shop.  I would spend my last $10 on a born lippy pot…  because its body shop. I cant use any old scrub, fragrance mist etc etc. It just has to be Body Shop.  It is the epitome of all that is right and good with the world. No one knows this but I have BS products from 12 years ago.. never used.. I just open the containers every once in a while smell the contents and place it back in the Hoarders wet dream that is my bathroom cabinet.  Sad isn’t it..?

Nevertheless, the pres was a success, and I acquired around $300 worth of product for approx. $160.  Bargain. 

And I can sleep soundly at night knowing that my un used soap bar collection is soon to be 4 items larger.  Because nothing screams material security like 8 blocks of fucking coconut soap still in their original wrappers.  ORIGINAL WRAPPERS..   that’s how they keep their value people!  

Do you donate?


I donated blood today. For the third time. I told myself for years that it was something I should do, needed to do, being a universal O+ blood type. Two other things convinced me to do this. 1 was that I myself have come dangerously close to requiring transfusions, while having both my babies. 2 is my shut down phobia of needles.

Proud to say…  needles no longer faze me…at all..  Not one bit.  : )

Each donation can save up to 3 people’s lives.. So I myself have potentially saved the lives of up to 9 people. That’s a decent number for roughly an hour and a bit of my time,  accumulativley. Oh,  and you get free biccies and cake when your done!  Winning!

Do you donate? 

Pets are for life.


This is my daughter, with our newest addition to the family. Chyler, and Zues.

So many people take on animals as ‘pets’…. expecting them to be perfect,  well behaved, and house trained from the get go. It doesn’t work like that.  A pet is a commitment. A pet is a long term investment. Yes.. they might cost you…but in the long run, after years of loyalty, laughter, companionship, and just the general joy of looking after a living ,breathing, being? ….. It makes you wonder how anyone could ever be cruel to them. Animals/pets.    They love you with every fibre of their being!     I would brutally maim anyone/thing that hurt my pets… My familia! So many animals would be so much better off..if their owners held that same view.